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Written By: Kevin Moses

Jackson Keene @Jack_Keene2026 , 6’2″, 172 , from East Ridge High School, KY  is an absolute beast offensively. He is a prolific scoring machine on all three levels. Knowing he will face a face guard or a double team every single game he is still a walking bucket. Patiently buying his time, he uses a high IQ to light up defenders  at will. Jackson is a true leader and a playmaker for himself and others but understands full well when to take over and be that unstoppable force. When it’s crunch time and you need that big shot, it’s Jackson’s time as he wants the ball in that moment to make something happen. As a leader he knows it’s his job to encourage the team. Despite his age, this kid knows exactly how to lead.

Jackson mixes it up on the boards well. In last year’s AAU session, his favorite memories were having multiple 20+ scoring games, 22 points against Team Final EYBL and winning the GRBA National  Gold Championship while averaging 22 points and 4 rebounds per game.

Jackson’s biggest improvement since last season was his ball handling and getting physically stronger and faster. And now Jackson is getting better at creating shots and being a tougher defender. The goal entering the season was to improve his all around game with a strong desire to see the summer work paying off by perfecting his footwork and shooting from every spot on the floor. This season so far, Jackson is averaging 20.5 points, 4.7 rebounds, 4.0 assists with four made 3-pointers per game earning him the #11 ranked 3-point shooter in the entire state of Kentucky.

What separates Jackson from other players is his high IQ and his ability to play both ends of the floor. But I know that his shooting ability is special as he hits his stride, and there is no slowing him down. His work ethic is incredible as there are no days off. Some days he works out twice. To Jackson, this is more than just a game. To live his dream max effort constantly is required, understanding he must always continue to get better. His goal is a D1 like most kids, but Jackson has the confidence and skills to get there.

Jackson says his plan is to get better and better everyday for the next two years and make that dream a reality. He would consider a lower level if it keeps him on the court. My assessment is that the upside for Jackson is tremendous. With his work ethic and grit, no doubt D1 is waiting for him.

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