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Written By: Kevin Moses

Braydun Ferris @ferris_braydun, 6’0″, 140, Class of 2026 from Tug Valley High School in West Virginia is an electric triple threat scoring option that fills it up in a hurry. When Braydun hits that zone he is lethal and has a beautiful touch from downtown. He is explosive and crafty off the bounce while being a strong finisher at the rim. He simply elevates over defenders for great shots and shows a high IQ getting to his spots to kill defenders with that shot. His strong handles help when he is in attack mode. Braydun can really deliver some nice dimes. He mixes it up well on the boards and is a solid defender. At the point of attack in the press, his scrappy defense and quickness causes all sorts of problems for his opponents.

Don’t let the size fool you. His heart and energy defines games from this young stud. Last season, Braydun averaged 13 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds. In the AAU session, Braydun averaged 16 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. His favorite AAU accomplishment was winning Big Shots in Gatlinburg, TN with his team. Braydun’s biggest improvement has been attacking the rim more on offense which opens up endless possibilities. It not only creates opportunities for strong finishes at the rim but the ability to get in the seams and create better shots and keep the defense honest and guessing on exactly what he will do. Continuing to develop this skill will make Braydun a matchup nightmare that every defender will dread. But he worked hard on getting better with a lot more on his pressure defense. I’m here to tell you it’s paying off.

Braydun entered the season with the goal to go to Charleston and win a state title while earning first team All-State. Braydun is already ranked the number 1 point guard and number 5 player overall in his class in the entire state. This fierce young team is really playing with fire and passion needed to get to Charleston and everyone knows they will bring it night in and night out. 

Braydun’s work ethic sets him apart from the pack. It’s this intense drive that helped him develop so well so fast. A sophmore that dominates like this is special, y’all, with a high ceiling and understands there is always room to grow.

Even though he is a smaller guard, his potential is huge. Right now, Braydun is a D2 – low D1 talent. However, the sky is the limit if he continues to elevate his game and get stronger to match all that talent these next couple of years. And if he grows 3-4 more inches, look out cause he will be unstoppable. Lock him in y’all.

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