J&J Sports Offering Training To Young Athletes

Since November J&J Sports has been offering training in different sports for athletes in the former Sacred Heart Gym near Sacred Heart Church in Williamson.

J&J Sports was created by Justin Marcum and Justin Kirk as a way to give back to the community and help young athletes.

“It’s starting to take off,” said Marcum. “We’re getting some classes going for the kids. We’re working volleyball, baseball, softball and basketball training. We just want to get these kids in the gym and off the street.”

Marcum said that they started J&J Sports because gym time and training was hard to come by in the Williamson area. He noticed with his own child that there was a huge need in the area.

“We’re not trying to make a bunch of money,” he added. “We’re just trying to make enough to keep the lights on and have a gym for these kids.”

Right now, J&J Sports is trying to add equipment to become a place for all athletes to hone their craft. For example, they’re hoping to find some used turf to buy or have donated to help with different sports and drills.

Currently, J&J Sports has between 40-50 kids showing up on Saturdays for classes with Williamson Wolfpack legend Terry Jackson. Jackson’s classes are geared for different age groups and levels. They currently cost $15 per person. The facility also offers One-on-One training on Tuesdays for $25.

Marcum says the facility is also open to hosting other types of community gatherings like birthday parties, receptions and church gatherings. The facility has some open gym nights as well.

J&J Sports also sponsors the Southern Express travel ball teams for different ages, although due to WVSSAC rules, the middle school team isn’t allowed to play travel ball currently.

“The WVSSAC puts our kids at a disadvantage, but we do what we can to help them get better and improve,” Marcum stated. “We really just want to give our kids a place to go that’s safe and keep them off the street.”

Marcum says that if anyone wants more information or even wants to help with different sports, the best way to contact J&J Sports is through their Facebook page.

“Justin Kirk and I really just want to help the kids out,” Marcum added. “We already have some great community partners and want more.”

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