Prestonsburg’s Hall Serving As Anchor For Blackcat Offensive Line

The Prestonsburg Blackcats have had one of the best rushing attacks in the mountains this season, but players like Jacob Rose and Dalton Elliott have also some great blockers opening holes for them. None of them have been bigger than Logan Hall.

Hall, a 6’2″ and 275 pound sophomore center, has been named the Blackcats’ offensive lineman of the game twice in the first four games so far this season. He was also named lineman of the game multiple times last season. So far, Prestonsburg has average 290.8 rushing yards per game.

Hall has hopes of playing collegiate football once he is finished with high school and currently boasts a 4.0 GPA in the classroom. He also plays defense for the Blackcats as well.

Parkersburg head coach Brandon Brewer had a lot of praise for his star lineman.

“Logan Hall has been an anchor for Prestonsburg starting every game at center for the Blackcats since joining the team as a freshman last season,” stated Brewer. “He’s been consistent with his snaps and has helped open holes for the running backs. He is a key part to the rushing attack that is currently leading all of 2A in rushing yards per game.”

Hall and his teammates on the offensive line will help try to continue open holes at Pike County Central on Friday. The opening kick is set for 7:30 pm.

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