Spaulding Making Waves In Boxing Ring

Former Tug Valley football standout Grayson “Cheezy” Spaulding has been moving up the ranks in the world of boxing.

Spaulding is currently 4-1 with a knockout and a technical knockout. Spaulding started out in Toughman Contests and recently scored an opening round knockout.

“Well to be honest it started with a Toughman in 2021,” explained Spaulding. “Then I found out I liked it a lot, so I started to train and try to get better. It all started to fall in place after a while, but it did take a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears. There were days that I wanted to quit and just be done with it, but with great friends and trainers and my amazing support group pushing me, I kept going.

“Now on the latest fight I had no intention on winning it with a first round knockout, but I knew I was going to go in there and be the aggressor. So I came out trying to watch him and see what he was going to do. At about 1:30 into the first round, I saw as he was backing up a big open shot, so I took it. Then he went down, and the ref stopped it.”

With the win, Spaulding earned a “golden ticket” to compete against the best heavyweight boxers to be named King of the Mountain State.

Back in high school, Spaulding was a star for the Tug Valley Panthers football team, earning all-state honors in 2019 at nose guard.

We look forward to what his career in the ring holds.

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