Williamson Displays Heart Of A Champion With Wildcats This Past Season

Logan Senior Garrett Williamson had been playing hurt. He noticed issues with his knee during football season but played through the pain. He had it checked out after a basketball game and got the diagnosis – a torn ACL and meniscus.

But he went to work and never gave up. As the season approached, Williamson knew that he could play, and he was determined to tough it out for his team and community.

“I personally believe that I played with it torn for a long time,” he said. “I’ve been raised in Logan my whole life. It was my senior year, and I wanted our school, community and my teammates to have an opportunity to say they were state champs again.”

Even though Williamson was in pain, he put his faith in God to help him through the journey.

“It was definitely a mental battle, but I just knew God was going to help my throughout my journey. I constantly prayed and understood that I had to let my actions reflect His Kingdom, and He would continue to bless me with playing through this terrible injury.”

And what a season he ended up having. Williamson batted .506 with a .588 on base percentage and an OPS of 1.228. He also had a .640 slugging percentage with 12 doubles and 33 RBI. He also only struck out 9 times in 114 plate appearances. On the mound, Williamson was 3-2 with a 2.40 ERA. He also had 38 strike outs in 23 innings pitched.

While the Wildcats may have missed making it to the state tournament, Williamson proved that you don’t need to lift the trophy over your head at the end to be a champion.

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