57th District Volleyball Tournament Update

In the first game of the night, played at Magoffin County, the Paintsville Tigers took on the Martin County Cardinals. The Tigers took control in the first set and never looked back. They went on to win all 3 sets (27-5, 25-3, 25-6).

Senior Hailey Little dominated the net with 19 kills and 2 blocks. She also added 2 serving aces and had a pass. Kylie Kinner followed with 10 kills and a block. Blair Ratliff killed the ball 8 times, had 3 passes and a serving ace. Kat Baldwin had 5 kills, 2 blocks, 1 assist, 6 passes, and 3 serving aces. Kara Ward led the team with 17 passes. She also killed the ball 5 times and had an assist. Kynzi Slone added 2 assists and 6 passes. Setter Bella Blackburn had 42 assists for her team, 4 serving aces, 3 passes, 1 block, and 1 kill.

This win advances Paintsville to the Championship game tonight at 6:00pm. They move to 9-0 on district play, 22-0 in region, and 34-2 on the season.

The Martin County Cardinals end their season 1-7 in the district, 2-22 in region, and 2-28 on the season.

Photo Courtesy of Jim Arnett

In the second game, the Johnson Central Lady Eagles took down the Magoffin County Hornets in 3 sets, (25-19, 25-12, 25-14).

Mayson Delong killed the ball 21 times for the Lady Eagles. She added 2 blocks, 3 passes, and 3 serving aces. Randi Delong had 8 kills, 18 assists, 4 passes, and a serving ace. Adyson Burchett had 8 kills and 8 passes. Brailyn Harless had 7 kills, 7 serving aces, 3 passes, and an assist. Brittany McCarty had 3 kills, 1 pass, and 23 assists in the win.

Johnson Central will face Paintsville tonight in the 58th District Championship.

This win moves JC to 5-3 in the district, 13-5 in region, and 20-14 on the season.

Magoffin County ends their season 1-6 in the district, 1-15 in the region, and 5-21 on the season.

Good Luck to both teams!

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