Blake Maynard Leads 15th Region Boys Soccer Team As Player Of The Year

Lawrence County’s Blake Maynard was named the 15th Region Boys Soccer Player of the Year by the the 15th Region coaches on Thursday. This season, he scored 45 goals and had 6 assists in 16 matches for the Bulldogs.

Belfry’s Makaden Maynard was named Goalkeeper of the Year after recording 270 saves in 20 matches for the Pirates.

15th Region Boys Soccer Team

1st Team

Blake Maynard – Lawrence County (Player of the Year)

Braydon Staniford – Johnson Central

Sawyer Crum – Johnson Central

Daniel Amador – Prestonsburg

Logan Southers – Lawrence County

Sam Lefever – Lawrence County

Max Willoughby – Prestonsburg

Matthew Clevenger – Lawrence County

Aidan McCoy – Belfry

Jacob Rogers – Pikeville

Taegan Slone – Prestonsburg

Makaden Maynard – Belfry (Goalkeeper of the Year)

Second Team

Andrew Vinson – Lawrence County

Shaun Arms – Johnson Central

Sergio Caballero Garcia – Lawrence County

Nick Hardin – Johnson Central

Kasey Meade – Prestonsburg

Aiden Mynhier – Lawrence County

Trey Hancock – Pikeville

David Michael Hagy – Belfry

Bryan Maynard – Prestonsburg

Isaac Elia – Belfry

Willie Castle – Johnson Central

Ryland Brady – Lawrence County

Honorable Mention

Cooper Smith – Lawrence County

Michael Preston – Lawrence County

Nick Savage – Belfry

Drew Rhodes – Belfry

Tate Cox – Johnson Central

Drew Conley – Johnson Central

John Zeidan – Paintsville

Om Patel – Paintsville

Rylan Wallace – Pikeville

Keyton Looney – Pikeville

Connore Kute – Prestonsburg

Max Jervis – Prestonsburg

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