Paintsville Tigers Roll to a Win on Senior Night

The Tigers celebrated their seniors last night before the game against the Prestonsburg Blackcats. They won the match 3 sets to none, (25-7, 25-10, 25-13).

All five Paintsville seniors got in on the action. Bella Blackburn had 27 assists for her team. She also added 3 kills, 2 blocks, 5 passes, and 5 serving aces. Kara Ward had 5 kills and 7 passes. Libero Kynzi Slone had 3 assists, 9 passes, and sent over 5 serving aces. Blair Ratliff killed the ball 10 times, had 3 blocks, and 3 passes. Hailey Little led both teams with 12 kills. She also had 4 passes, 6 serving aces, and a block.

Kat Baldwin added 2 kills, 2 passes, 4 serving aces, and a block. Kylie Kinner had 7 kills and 1 pass. Olivia Maynard passed the ball twice.

This win moves Paintsville to 19-0 in the 15th region and 31-2 on the season. The travel to Betsy Layne to take on the Bobcats tonight, Oct. 11.

For Prestonsburg, Kennedy Greer led her team with 7 kills, 5 passes, 1 assist, and a block. Allison Garrett had 3 assists and 10 passes. Sara Brown had 4 assists, 5 passes, and sent over a serving ace. Allison Hamilton had 7 passes, 1 assist, and a block. Grace Miller passed the ball 5 times and scored a serving ace. Kaylee Hopson had 2 passes and a serving ace and Hailey Cline added 4 kills.

The loss drops the Blackcats to 7-23 on the season. They travel to Floyd Central for a 58th district matchup tonight, Oct. 11.

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