Floyd Central wins against Prestonsburg in a 58th district Volleyball Matchup

The Prestonsburg Volleycats(7-22) didn’t make the win easy for the Jaguars(19-8). Each set was competitive and back and forth between the teams. Floyd Central left with the win in three sets, (25-19, 25-22, 25-19).

Floyd Central Junior Jadyn Hall dominated the net with 14 kills and she sent over 3 serving aces. Emma Bailey threw down 8 kills and had 2 blocks. Slone Akers and Chloe Howard had 4 kills each. Layla Peterson and Taylor Hamilton added 3 kills each. Hamilton also led both teams setting up 33 assists.

The Jaguars had a great night defensively with a team total 66 digs. It was Jadyn Hall again leading with 19 passes. Maddy Wade added 10. Jerrilyn Hatfield had 9 passes. Kendyll Hall and Taylor Hamilton dug up 8 balls each. Slone Akers added 4 passes. Layla Peterson and Carleigh Frazier each had 3. Chloe Howard had 2 passes.

The Volleycats didn’t go down easy. They put up a hard fought battle for their 58th district rival. Allison Hamilton put down 7 kills, had 9 digs, 1 serving ace, and a block. Kennedy Greer and Weather Bryant added 3 kills each. Kaylee Hopson had 2 kills and Sara Brown added 1 kill. Brown also led the team with 8 assists. Along with Hamilton, Kaylee Hopson also had 9 digs. Kennedy Greer followed with 8 passes. Sara Brown, Allison Garrett, and Grace Miller dug up 4 balls a piece.

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