Girls Soccer Leaders

On Monday, the KHSAA released their updated stats for Girls Soccer and several females from the D&D coverage area lead the way.

When you talk about girls soccer in Kentucky, one name comes to mind quickly and that is Prestonsburg Senior Anna Burchett.

Burchett the states all time leading scorer continues to rewrite the record books as she leads not only the D&D KY coverage area in scoring but ranks 1st in the state as well. Burchett has scored 54 goals in 12 games this season leading states second place scorer by 10 goals.

Second in the D&D coverage area is Rylee Theiss of Pikeville. Theiss ranks 4th in the state with 39 goals in 15 games for a 2.6 goal per game average. Third in the D&D Coverage area is Paintsville Senior Camryn Helton. Helton currently sits 8th in the state with 35 goals scored through the first 12 games of the season. In 4th place, Ellie Thomas represents the East Carter Lady Raiders. She ranks 17th in the state with 28 goals scored through 14 games. The final spot in the D&D Top 5 in scoring is Ms. Myra Bevins from Belfry. Myra currently sits in 18th place in the state with 28 goals scored in 13 games.

A familiar last name to soccer fans ranks 1st in the D&D Sports assist leaders, but this time it is Prestonsburg’s sensational Sophomore Emily Burchett. Emily not only leads the D&D coverage area but ranks 1st in the state with 27 assists in the first 12 games. Second in the D&D Coverage area is Prestonsburg Senior Anna Burchett. Anna Burchett’s 19 assists ranks her 5th in the state.

Third place goes to Ms. Ashlynn Elliott of East Carter. Ashlynn has 17 assists on the year through 14 games as she is 9th in the state. Fourth place is held by Pikeville’s Leighan Jackson. Jackson has 15 assists which rank her 11th in the state. Finally, East Carter’s second participant in the D&D Top 5 assist leaders is Junior Emersyn Elliott who ranks 13th in the state with her 15 assists.

Belfry’s Jazzy Cline leads the D&D Sports KY coverage area in Goalkeeper saves. Cline was mentioned earlier this year on D&D Sports Network when she helped lead her team to the 2A Regional Title. Since that time Cline continues to protect “her house”. Cline sits 11th in the state with 162 goals saved.

In 2nd place, we travel north to Fleming County where Hadlee Hazelrigg sits 12th in the state with 159 saves on goal in 13 games. In 3rd place, Larrenn Collins represents the Pikeville Lady Panthers. Collins currently has 156 goal saves. In 4th place is MiKenzie Boltz of Greenup County. Boltz has 149 saves in only 10 games. Rounding out the TOP 5 is Montgomery County’s Elana Williams. Williams ranks 26th in the state with 139 saves in 15 games.

Over the past 10 years, the sport of soccer has exploded onto the scene in eastern Kentucky. Soccer is no longer a sport controlled and dominated by Lexington and Louisville. These young ladies are demonstrating that our Mountain athletes have arrived. As the sport continues to grow in the mountains, the D&D Sports Network will be there to cover it.

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