The Battle of Quarantine

You work all off season conditioning, planning and preparing for that one moment when you get to step on the court or field to showcase all your hard work and suddenly everything stops for 14 days.  It is becoming a common theme across high school and middle school athletics throughout our region.  

The DACE Lady Bulldogs C-TEAM knows that feeling all so well.  After starting the season undefeated, the Lady Bulldogs coaching staff got the dreaded call that stops all the momentum they had gained.  They were now in quarantine.  

The news could easily devastate such a young team but not the DACE Lady Bulldogs.  They immediately went back to work this time on their own.  The girls began sending these pictures to the coaching staff.

Congrats ladies for keeping the fire, passion and love for the game alive during these difficult times.  Your hard work will pay of in the long run.

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