Girls Soccer Update – Prestonsburg wins All A Regional Title

It was the Prestonsburg Girls’ Soccer in action taking on the Paintsville Tigers for the Championship game of the All “A” Regional tournament. The Lady Blackcats came out rocking on the Tigers. The Blackcats took a 6-0 early led into the Half. The 2nd half, the lady Blackcats were still firing in on the Tigers. The Blackcats took the game away with a 10-2 victory against the Tigers, advancing to the All “A” state tournament. The leading scorers for the Blackcats were Anna Burchett with 7 goals and 3 assist, Emily Burchett with 1 goal, Sophie Stephens with 1 goal, Kaydence Hackworth with 1 goal and 2 assist, and Madison Hicks with 1 assist. The scoring for the Tigers followed with Camryn Helton with 1 goal, and Ava Hyden with 1 goal respectively.


Anna Burchett – 7 goals, 3 assist

Emily Burchett – 1 goal

Sophie Stephens – 1 goal

Kadynce Hackworth – 1 goal ,2 assists

Madison Hicks  – 1 assist


Camryn Helton –  1 goal

Ava Hyden –  1 goal

In other 15thregion action it was the Martin County Cardinals facing off against the Belfry Pirates. In a dominating performance, it was the Cardinals leading the whole way and not letting up. The Cardinals led from start to finish and came away with a victory over the Pirates, 11-1. The leading scorers for the Cardinals were Sophia McCoy with 6 goals and 1 assist, Kaitlyn Gauze had 5 goals with 4 assist, Laura Hale with 3 assist, Caitlyn Horn with 1 assist and Hailey Damron with 2 assists. The scoring from the Pirates was by Zoey Caudill with 1 goal

Martin County

Sophie McCoy – 6 goals, 1 assist

Kaitlyn Gauze –  5 goals , 4 assists

Laura Hale – 3 assists

Caitlyn Horn –  1 assist

Hailey Damron –  2 assists


Zoey Caudill – 1 goal

Article Written by:  Grant Justice

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